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Sihti knows recruitment and staffing

As proof, Sihti has not only established itself as the strongest staffing agency in the Tampere region, but has grown nationwide to be one of the top 10 agencies in the whole of Finland.

Sihti Oy is a story about people. The first chapter was written in 2009. The leading idea then, as well as now, was to offer a service that can cater to all the human resources needs of any given company. In short, this means finding the right people, whether for one day only, or for a lifetime.

Now we can co-write the chapters of our success stories. We will help your company to see where your own perspective may not reach. We collect and produce essential information on what an ever-changing working life requires of employees.

We’ve specialised in the business sectors of construction, industry, and mining. This allows us to provide specialist expertise to serve the particular needs of businesses in these sectors. Our consultants’ first-hand experience of these sectors enables us to fulfill even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

And once the change has come to stay, we support the people in their development. When people continue developing, they succeed in whatever task is laid before them. And this is how companies prosper.

Sihti is both clever and original; a success story of its kind. We would now like to help your company to succeed as we have.

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Ari "Zico" Hjelm

Business Director

040 555 1239