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Psychological Services

Psychological Services

Recruiting is an important investment in a company’s future. The employees of a company have a critical role in building a successful organisation. It has been clearly shown from selection of personnel that work and personality tests correlate positively with successful recruitment. Therefore, the choice of suitability assessments for use in recruitment affects the company’s success too. If you are looking for professional support in your selection of personnel or need help in developing your organisation’s human-resource management, Sihti Psychology can offer unrivalled expertise.

Recruitment support services based on suitability assessment and psychological tests

Pre-selection of applicants
A more lightweight process than traditional suitability assessment, pre-selection is used to reduce the number of applicants in recruitment situations involving a large number of job seekers.

Suitability assessments
The aim of suitability assessments is to minimise the risks inherent to the recruitment process and to ensure successful recruitment results for the company via various assessment methods. Our experts have decades of experience in performing demanding personal assessment, for all industries.

Resource analyses and management-group audits
We also offer auditing services, designed to ensure the quality and efficiency of the company’s organisation, working life, and management. We assess the current state of the company and analyse the potential of its personnel. Resource analyses are used to support organisations that are having problems or undergoing changes, and to determine the company’s recruitment and development needs.

Occupational and organisational psychology services

The aim of our psychology services is to help your company in finding the right solutions for situations involving changes, problems, management issues, and leadership. Through our services, we can help you to improve the work processes of the company’s management and management team, and to implement organisation-wide personnel development schemes or the company’s chosen strategy. The success of our organisational psychology services stems from the pragmatic approach of our psychologists, experienced in dealing with the organisational problems that face supervisors, and experts in business life.

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