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Our staffing is done by people who know what they speak of. You know the difference between selling and knowing what you are selling-and that our salesperson has wielded the axe as well.

We here at Sihti tend to be straightforward in house as well: “In staffing, it is desirable that the blood travel all the way to the head as well.”

This is straight talking, but straight is what our business is as well. Staffing is a word unto itself, wherein honestly and genuine mutual appreciation take you far.

Tell us what kind of people your company needs and when you need them! And do tell us what you need them for as well. You can focus on other business. We will make sure they are there when agreed.

The employee will hand us their tax details, we pay them and the employer fees-and if necessary, a golden chair to sit upon. You get exactly what you need. A good and solid workforce.

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