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Investing in personnel pays back! The Board of Directors and the supervisors of any company are responsible for ensuring successful achievement of its strategic goals and day-to-day tasks. The foundation of professional human resources management is built upon the bricks of HR solutions. In order to meet the strategic goals of the company, you need to select the right personnel and leaders. You also need to develop team leadership and operational excellence. Companies have to meet legal employment regulations.

It may not be profitable for a small or a mid-sized company to hire an HR specialist of their own; however, experience and expertise in HR is a must for every company! Therefore Sihti provides you with the necessary HR solutions and experts. Our HR solutions are developed and supported by experts of Human Resources Management and Development, who are familiar with your business and the work your people do.

Sihti solutions are simple and fast to use:
  • Tools and guidance: for example, for creating a contract, planning development meetings between team leader and employees, or for improving teamwork.
  • An HR specialist to facilitate change, to work in any given project or to assist you in in-house human resources management.

We will be happy to advise you in all HR matters from the beginning of employment to its end. If necessary, we will train you to coach your team to be number one. Tell us about your challenge, and we will provide you with a solution.

Recruit personnel »

Recruit personnel

How to recruit the right employees for the right jobs?
The foundation of successful recruitment lies in clearly defined job descriptions and criteria of selection. A well-planned job advertisement will catch the attention of the right target group as well as give the employee the necessary basic information about the open position. The task of the recruiting manager /recruitment specialist is to ensure the applicant's professional experience and expertise by familiarizing themselves with the applications, interviews and evaluations.

What are the requirements for the success of recruitment?
  • The recruitment process is sound and compliant with the law
  • The job description is carefully detailed. (What does the job entail? What kind of know-how or skills are required? What kind of a person is the company looking for? What skills and input does the team need?)
  • The recruitment personnel know their task
  • The job advertisement has been professionally redacted
  • The interview practices need to be consistent
  • The expectations of the candidate match the reality and image of the company
  • The candidate's professional skills and knowledge are adequate for the job

Engage and induct employees »

Engage and induct employees

How to induct and engage employees with your company and drive them to do their very best for the company?
Properly inducted and capable personnel guarantees the success of any company. The first and main step is making the goals of the company clear and distinct to the staff. It is important to determine a role for each person in a team in order for them to be able to play the same game and accomplish together the goal. A well-executed induction process will help employees to complete their tasks as well as possible. It also clarifies specific responsibilities and duties for everyone.

The definition of the position is based on the needs of the company, the assessment results of individual skills and the development targets. In the right role the skills of the employee are at the right level and there are plenty of opportunities for the employee to use his/her skills and strengths.

What are the benefits of successful induction?
  • It makes learning and mastering new tasks quicker
  • It clarifies the duties and responsibilities of a new employee
  • It guides the new employee in a new environment and boosts an atmosphere of belonging together and co-operation
  • It adds to the comfort of new employees
  • It improves wellbeing and safety at the workplace
  • It reduces turnover of employees
  • It adds to productivity and drastically reduces expenses

The assessment of skills helps employees to recognize their strengths and to evaluate the level of their know-how. Future individual development plans will be based on the results of skill assessments.

Develop personnel »

Develop personnel

How can you coach leaders and employees in order to achieve the goals of the company?
A key task of human resources management is helping implement the company strategy. Shared interests, motivation, support and the development of the needed knowledge, skills and mindset are essential requirements for a successful implementation of the strategy. In development meetings the supervisor will ensure that each employee knows what is expected of him/her, how he/she can best make use of his/her strengths and in which direction he/she could develop. It is a possibility for sharing as well as both giving and receiving feedback.

Over the course of a development meeting, five questions must be answered:
  1. What should I do?
  2. How am I capable of doing it?
  3. Does anyone care about me?
  4. How are we doing?
  5. How can I help?
A development meeting consists of three parts:
  1. Tasks and targets: Evaluating the achievement of previously agreed targets and agreeing on new targets.
  2. Developing and learning: Defining the skills regarding the new targets, assessing the individual development needs and creating a development plan; optionally also a long-term development plan for future career goals can be agreed.
  3. Discussion about wellbeing, health and safety at work; feedback to supervisor.

Boost well-being »

Boost well-being

How to ensure that both the staff and the management flourish at the workplace?
Well-being at work is a community effort. It is based on excellent leadership, pro-efficiency and control over own work, good atmosphere at work and individual choices.

How is well-being displayed at the workplace?
  • It always feels good to come to work, co-operation is a key strength and help is always at hand
  • I learn new things and develop all the time
  • My input is valuable and my work is appreciated
  • My work and private life are balanced
  • Low rate of sick leaves
  • Leadership is consistent and well-executed

Comply with employment law »

Comply with employment law

There are a number of laws in place concerning the activities of a company in order to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and justly. Employment relationships are ruled by local employment legislation, collective agreements and work contracts.

What legal matters concern the personnel of a company?
  • Employment contract, or a detailed account of the core terms of employment
  • Workplace risk survey
  • Plan of action for occupational health and safety
  • Board of occupational health and safety
  • Chief of occupational health and safety
  • Supervisor of occupational health and safety + 2 assistant supervisors of occupational health and safety
  • Plan of action for occupational health care
  • Contract for occupational health care
  • Equality plan
  • Record of personnel data collected
  • Law of co-operation within corporation

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